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PhysioAdvisor’s back braces have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to ensure excellent quality and maximal benefit for patients.

Comffit COOLKNIT Premium Sacro Cinch Back Braces

PhysioAdvisor choses to sell the Comffit COOLKNIT Premium Sacro Cinch Brace as its premier lumbar brace due to their superior quality, support and comfort.

Comffit Premium Sacro Cinch Back Braces are one of the most commonly prescribed braces by physiotherapists to treat patients with serious lower back pain. They are designed to offer optimal support to the lower back and reduce stress on the joints and muscles of the spine during everyday activity. This ensures patients can remain as active as possible, whilst minimising the likelihood of injury aggravation and speeding recovery.

Sacro Cinch braces may also assist patients following spinal surgery by limiting movement and reducing stress on the spine. They come with removable metal inserts which can be moulded by hand to ensure maximum comfort and support for your back.

Why choose Comffit COOLKNIT Premium Sacro Cinch Back Braces?

Have you suffered from back pain for a long period of time? Comffit are aware of how debilitating a back injury can be and have specifically designed their braces to provide the highest level of support to help you through the day. This significantly reduces the likelihood of injury aggravation, therefore preventing additional episodes of debilitating back pain. 

The unique features of the Sacro Cinch include:

  • Aluminium support stays
  • Unique D-Ring fastening mechanism
  • Shaped to your lower back
  • Inbuilt stabilisers
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable, breathable “COOLKNIT” material
  • Australian made

1. Strong aluminium enamel coated inserts or ‘stays’.

Aluminium Stays

Positioned 2-3 centimetres either side of your spine, the inserts are shaped to the natural curvature of your lower back. When you make the final adjustment on your brace, the inserts hold your spine in optimal postural alignment therefore reducing stress on your spine. In addition, the metal inserts compress the lower back muscles known as the erector spinae. By compressing these and your abdominal muscles, the brace helps to unload the weight bearing stress on your spine, therefore providing further relief from back pain. Should the inserts not quite fit to the curvature of your body, then simply remove them and mould them by hand as required. You can also leave the stays out of the brace if preferred.

2. Unique ‘D-Ring’ fastening mechanism.

D-Ring Fastening Mechanism on Back Braces

Most other back braces have a simple pulling system using hook and pile (velcro) to provide support to your spine. The Comffit Sacro Cinch brace, however, uses both the standard velcro fastening system as well as a front strap that pulls back over on itself through a D-Ring system. This additional feature gives you greater leverage, thus providing superior compression and support.

3. Shaped for your Lower Back.

The Comffit Sacro Cinch brace has been cut to a shape that converges from your lower back down to the sacroiliac region (bottom of spine). This helps to compress the muscles and joints in the local area, which particularly helps with lifting and bending activities.

4. Inbuilt Stabilisers.

Aside from the two aluminium inserts, there are 4 other flexible inserts sewn vertically into the brace (two on each side). The first set is coupled 2 inches outside of the aluminium inserts, whilst the other two are positioned to give compression to the side of your back.

5. Lightweight.

Comffit Sacro Cinch Braces are economical with their use of material. This ensures the brace is more comfortable and less bulky around your abdomen, making it easier for sitting, reaching and wearing underneath tighter fitting clothes. The braces are also light-weight (only 350 grams) and are not burdensome to wear as you move around.

6. Comfort

The popular COOLKNIT material allows air to access the skin keeping you cooler in summer, and is particularly beneficial for those working in hot weather or during stenuous activity.

6. Made in Australia.

Australian Made

The range of Comffit Back braces and supports are proudly researched, designed, and made in Australia. Comffit guarantee 100% satisfaction in quality of materials and workmanship.

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Comffit COOLKNIT Premium Sacro Cinch Back Braces

Sizing – To determine your size, measure your waist circumference. Note: If your hips are significantly wider than your waist you may require the next size up.

 Waist Circumference Size 
 60 – 70cm  X-Small
 70 – 80cm  Small
 80 -90cm  Medium
 90 – 100cm  Large
 100 – 110cm  X-Large
 110 – 120cm  XX-Large
 120 – 130cm  XXX-Large
 130+ cm  XXX-Large