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PhysioAdvisor’s elbow supports have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to ensure excellent quality and maximal benefit for patients. PhysioAdvisor choses to sell only the Dick Wicks Elbow Support as it provides optimal support to the elbow, assists with pain relief and is commonly recommended to patients by physiotherapists. 

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Dick Wicks Activease Magnetic Elbow Support

The Dick Wicks Activease Magnetic Elbow sleeve brace offers great support to your elbow and forearm area in four separate ways:

  • Hot Pack Therapy – Increases blood flow and warms up stiff, arthritic joints.
  • Cold Gel Therapy – Cools the elbow to reduce inflammation or post-exercise soreness.
  • Magnetic Pain Relief – For improved blood flow and ongoing relief.
  • Compression/Support – Neoprene provides firm support to injured areas.

The neoprene contains a pocket which you can place a microwavable hot/cold pack (supplied) for hot or cold therapy. It also contains Dick Wicks famous magnets to promote increased blood flow to the problem areas.

Dick Wicks Activease Magnetic Elbow Support

Key Features

  • Seamless Neoprene
  • Hot / Cold Gel Pack Included   
  • Contains Dick Wicks Magnets

Key Benefits

  • 4-Way Joint Relief System
  • Great for Arthritis and Sports Injuries
  • All-Day Support
  • One Size Fits All

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