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PhysioAdvisor’s back braces have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to ensure excellent quality and maximal benefit for patients.

Comffit Lite Back Support

The Comffit Lite Back Support is a comfortable, economical and effective back support for general use. It is designed to reduce stress on the joints and muscles of the spine during everyday activity. Although not as supportive as the Comffit Premium Sacro Cinch Back Brace, it is lightweight, comfortable and provides excellent support to the lower back to assist those patients suffering from lower back pain.

Select this brace if you:

  • Require a general purpose back support
  • Want an economical solution for your back pain
  • Do not require a back brace with metal inserts

Features include:

  • Light weight and low bulk
  • Flexible plastic inserts
  • Double Pull tightening mechanism
  • Economical
  • Australian made

1. Light Weight/ Low Bulk

A lighter elastic has been selected to create a support that is functionally similar to other back supports but not as cumbersome to wear. The material of the fastening belt can be stretched in both directions, whilst the material covering the back area can only be stretched horizontally. This gives you the ability to put a strong force into the support.

2. Flexible Plastic Inserts

Comffit Lite Back Support with Flexible Plastic Inserts

Four flexible plastic stays have been sewn vertically into the support to assist the lumbar spine. Each insert is about 2 inches apart spanning the width of your lower back.

3. Double Pull Tightening Mechanism

Over the main belt are two extra straps, which you can pull ‘across and over’ to increase the level of compression and support.

4. Economical

The Comffit Lite Back Brace is ideal for if you are looking for a general day-to-day back support without requiring metal inserts and other additional features.

5. Made in Australia

Australian Made

The range of Comffit Back Braces and Supports are proudly researched, designed, and made in Australia. Comffit guarantees 100% satisfaction in quality of materials and workmanship.

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Comffit Lite Back Support

Sizing To determine your size, measure your waist circumference. Note: If your hips are significantly wider than your waist you may require the next size up.

 Waist Circumference  Size
 60 – 70cm  X-Small
 70 – 80cm  Small
 80 – 90cm  Medium
 90 – 100cm  Large
 100 – 110cm  X-Large
 110 – 120cm  XX-Large
 120 – 130cm XXX-Large 
 130+ cm XXX-Large