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PhysioAdvisor’s posture supports have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to ensure excellent quality and maximal benefit for patients. PhysioAdvisor choses to sell the Body Assist Posture Support as its only posture support due to its superior quality and performance.

Body Assist Posture Support

The Body Assist Posture Support is one of the most commonly recommended posture supports by physiotherapists. This light-weight support is designed to improve posture and reduce stress on the upper back and neck. It is particularly useful for patients who have poor posture or ’rounded shoulders’, or for patients who experience upper back or neck pain during positions of poor posture (e.g. sitting at a computer, driving, performing household duties such as cooking, ironing, vacuuming etc.). The support is easily applied by inserting each arm into the circular loop at the end of each of the 2 straps. Having anchored the straps around both shoulder joints, cross the straps at the mid back and close at the front of your body. This results in a gentle but firm support, pulling the shoulders back and a subsequent taller, straighter spine. The support is made of a unique elastic material that has been brushed on one side to create an almost ‘cotton-wool’ finish. Consequently, it can be applied directly over bare skin with comfort and is almost invisible under your clothes. This product improves posture, allows unrestricted movement, delivers all day comfort and is totally washable and hygienic.

More Information:


Measure around chest. Women measure underneath bust.

 Measurement  Size
 < 60cm  Small
 60cm – 85cm  Medium
 85cm – 100cm  Large
 100cm – 120cm  X-Large
 > 120cm  XX-Large

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