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PhysioAdvisor’s thumb supports have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to ensure excellent quality and maximal benefit for patients. PhysioAdvisor choses to sell the Dr MED Thumb and Wrist Support due to its superior quality, performance and value.

Dr MED Thumb and Wrist Support

Dr MED Thumb and Wrist Support

The Dr MED Thumb and Wrist Support is one of the most commonly recommended thumb and wrist suports by physiotherapists. This quality thumb support can be used for both left or right hands and is designed to provide excellent support and comfort to the joints and muscles of the thumb and wrist, therefore reducing stress on the thumb and wrist during general activity. The Dr Med Thumb and Wrist Support can hasten healing and recovery from thumb injuries by preventing further tissue damage during activty.

The ‘Dr MED Thumb and Wrist Support’ provides excellent immobilisation and comfort for weak or injured thumbs. Ideal for the treatment and management of wrist and thumb injuries, such as:


  • 2 shaped aluminium stays on both sides of the thumb. Both are removable.
  • Locking strap over thumb.
  • Locking velcro tab under the wrist wrap makes application much easier.
  • Anchors at the top of the thumb ensure a snug fit.
  • Low bulk stretch neoprene wraps twice around the wrist.
  • Provides excellent immobilisation for weak or injured thumbs.

Dr MED Thumb Support          Dr MED Thumb and Wrist Support 2


One size fits all.

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