Which physiotherapy clinic should I go to for treatment?

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Choosing the right physiotherapy clinic for treatment can be difficult. Whilst all physiotherapists are university trained and qualified, it is important to select a physiotherapy clinic and physiotherapist who is trusted, knowledgeable and friendly and can provide the best quality treatment for your injury. When it comes to choosing a physiotherapy clinic and physiotherapist there are no hard and fast rules, but some things worth considering include:

  • How long has the physiotherapist been qualified for?
  • Is the physiotherapist a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association?
  • Does the physiotherapist have a particular area of expertise?
  • Does the physiotherapist have post-graduate qualifications such as a PHD or Masters?
  • Does the clinic have a multidisciplinary team of professionals i.e. are there services for podiatry, massage, clinical Pilates, hydrotherapy, exercise physiology, sports medicine, psychology, personal training, myotherapy etc.?
  • Have you seen the physiotherapist before and did you achieve a good outcome?
  • Have your friends or family had a good experience from that physiotherapist or clinic before?
  • If you are already seeing a physiotherapist, is your condition getting better and staying better?

Some additional information which may assist you in making your decision may include:

  • How long is an initial consultation?
  • How long is a follow-up consultation?
  • What is the cost for an initial consultation and follow-up consultations?
  • Are there any discounts for concession?
  • Am I able to claim on private health insurance?
  • Are there HICAPS facilities?

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