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A unique and multi-dimensional training device that integrates balance, core stability and functional sports training, the BOSU Ball is an acronym for “BOth Sides Up”. The BOSU Balance Trainer can be used with the platform side either up or down for different types of balance challenge. The solid platform is 25 inches in diameter and the dome should be inflated until it is firm. Two recessed handles on the bottom and towards the sides on the platform make it easy to turn over or carry. This hybrid fitness product has its genesis in the field of medicine and sports science, incorporating balance, dynamic function and sports specific training. Neuromuscular physiology, which helps to define human movement, provides the science that backs this remarkably complete approach to training.

BOSU Ball Training

The BOSU Ball Balance Trainer offers a different means to make exercise more appealing and effective for average people, fitness enthusiasts and highly trained athletes. You can walk, run, step, hop, jump and leap on the BOSU Ball. Not only can these rhythmic activities be sequenced for an aerobic workout, they can be progressed or sequenced to challenge the anaerobic energy system as well. Whether you’re working at an easy, steady rate that can be maintained almost indefinitely, or pushing the intensity with anaerobic intervals, you’ll experience dynamic balance and stabilization challenges on the BOSU Ball. This type of training replicates the “real” aspect of sport and daily movement requirements, where cardiovascular training transfers to real-life movement. Challenging the body’s oxygen delivery and utilization (VO2) capability is not only effective on the BOSU Ball Balance Trainer, but the added elements of fun, stabilization, balance challenge and specific transfer to daily movement needs will make this type of training a favourite.

Sport Specific Training

Sports conditioning, by its nature, is dynamic. The qualities of sports movement that can be trained with the BOSU Ball Balance Trainer include endurance and power, cardiovascular conditioning, agility, balance, proprioception and flexibility. You can accomplish specific transfers to almost any sport through a variety of static balance exercises and dynamic balance drills. The variations are almost unlimited. One, two or multiple BOSU Balls can be used to set up drill patterns for sports goals.

BOSU Ball – Two Models

There are two models of the Bosu Ball Balance Trainer, the “Home Use Model” and the “Commercial Model”. The difference is that the Commercial Model is a heavy duty version of the Home Use Model. Only the Home Use Model comes with a FREE Bosu Workout DVD.

Core Stabilization

Both core stabilization and trunk conditioning can take place in a variety of positions on the BOSU Ball Balance Trainer. The abs work functionally in standing, kneeling, sitting, sidelying, prone and supine positions and can be challenged with traditional isolation or stabilization exercises, where the goal of the exercise is to maintain a neutral, properly aligned spine. Maintaining spinal alignment is important for low back health and sports performance, as is intentionally moving into and out of “perfect” or neutral posture.

Active & Passive Stretches

Both active and passive stretches can be taught on BOSU Ball Balance Trainer, with balance assistance and/or balance challenges. Active stretches use the muscles of the body to move a body part whereas passive stretching uses gravity or an outside force to place a stretch on the target muscle(s). While standing or kneeling on the dome, you can get an active and dynamic stretch by moving the upper body lower, higher, to the sides or by reaching for and picking up cards from various locations on the floor, or by touching and/or relocating cones that have been placed in close proximity to the dome. Stretching on the BOSU Ball can move from a static and passive approach to a dynamic, balance challenging and active approach.

The BOSU Ball Balance Trainer is a completely unique and multidimensional training device that integrates: Core Stability, Functional Sports Training, Balance and Proprioception. Training with the BOSU Ball creates a movement continuum from easy to incredibly challenging, from static to dynamic and from subtle balance adjustments to dramatic and highly reactive responses. The BOSU Ball is used as a training tool by leading sports teams and athletes. It is also commonly recommended to patients by Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists.

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