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A typical human adult skeleton consists of 206 bones. Anatomical variations may be present in certain individuals resulting in slight fluctuations to this number. Below is a list of the major bones of the human skeleton: 

            Bones of the Human Body

                              Figure 1 – Anatomy of the Human Skeleton                                                       

Foot Bones                   Metacarpal Fracture Anatomy

      Figure 2 – Bones of the Human Foot                   Figure 3 – Bones of the Human Hand

Skeletal Anatomy

Click on the relevant link below for detailed information on the anatomy of the bones of the human skeleton:

Head & Neck

Shoulder Girdle

  • Clavicle (Collar Bone)
  • Scapula (Shoulder Blade)

Upper Back & Chest

Upper Limb

  • Humerus (Upper Arm Bone)
  • Radius
  • Ulnar

Hand & Wrist

  • Carpals
  • Metacarpals
  • Phalanges

Lower Back


  • Pelvis

Lower Limb

  • Femur
  • Patella
  • Tibia
  • Fibula

Foot & Ankle

  • Phalanges
  • Metatarsals
  • Tarsals

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