The Dreaded Ankle Sprain

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PhysioAdvisor Newsletter – The Dreaded Ankle Sprain

The Dreaded Ankle Sprain

In this month’s Newsletter we take a look at one of the most common sports injuries, the dreaded Ankle Sprain. We provide some helpful tips on how to tape your ankle for sport, rehabilitation exercises, how to use crutches correctly and physiotherapy products to help recover from and prevent these recurrent injuries.

Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain commonly occurs during activities involving jumping and landing, or activities requiring rapid changes in direction, especially on uneven surfaces. They often occur in the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Netball
  • Tennis

Sometimes the player may land awkwardly from a high jump and roll the ankle, or more commonly, the player may land on an opposition player’s foot, resulting in the foot and ankle turning inwards excessively with subsequent injury to the ‘lateral ligament’.

Learn More about the Causes, Signs & Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis, Contributing Factors and Rehabilitation of an Ankle Sprain.

Ankle Taping

Ankle Taping

When used correctly, ankle taping techniques can:

  • Aid healing of ankle injuries
  • Allow an earlier return to sport or activity following injury
  • Reduce the likelihood of injury aggravation
  • Prevent ankle injuries (such as ankle sprains) during high risk sports (such as netball, basketball, football, soccer etc) or activities (such as hiking or walking on uneven surfaces)

Learn How to tape your ankle for sport.

Balance Exercises

Balance Exercises

Balance Exercises are an important component of the rehabilitation of an Ankle Sprain. They help improve balance and proprioception (joint position awareness). Balance exercises have been shown to prevent injury and are an important component of rehabilitation following lower limb injury.

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When and How to use Crutches

When and How to use Crutches

One of the common questions patients often ask is whether or not they should be on crutches following an Ankle Sprain. As a general rule, if walking is painful and causing you to limp due to your injury, crutches are most likely to be useful.

Learn More about when and how to use crutches correctly.

Physiotherapy Products for an Ankle Sprain

Some of the most commonly recommended products by physiotherapists for an Ankle Sprain include:

Ankle Braces   Ankle Braces

Ice Packs   Ice Packs

Crutches   Crutches

Heel Wedges   Heel Wedges

Sports Tape   Sports Tape

Compression Bandages   Compression Bandages

Resistance Band   Resistance Band

Wobble Boards   Wobble Boards

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