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The following physiotherapy products are the most commonly sold items in the PhysioAdvisor Shop:

AOK Massage Ball     AOK Massage Ball     $25.50

Treat a variety of stiff or sore body parts with this effective and inexpensive self massage tool.

Patella Stabilizer     Body Assist Patella Stabiliser     $55.00

One of the most commonly recommended patella supports by physiotherapists. This quality support may be particularly beneficial for patients who suffer from: Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Chondromalacia Patella, Runner’s Knee, Dislocating Patella, Subluxing Patella, Abnormal Patella Tracking.

Posture Support     Body Assist Posture Support     $55.00

One of the most commonly recommended posture supports by physiotherapists. This light-weight and comfortable support is designed to improve posture and reduce stress on the upper back and neck. It is particularly useful for patients who have poor posture or ’rounded shoulders’, or for patients who experience upper back or neck pain during positions of poor posture (e.g. computer work).

Foam Roller     Comffit Foam Rollers      from $29.50

Foam Rollers have become an essential element in the set of equipment required for complete functional training. Their use has been integrated with Pilates, Swiss Balls, Core Stability training and Flexibility exercises, as well as being an extremely effective self massage tool. They are commonly used to mobilise the back and improve posture. Comffit Foam Rollers are made from medium density foam that is firm but soft to touch. They are therefore much less likely to dent or be scarred than other brands ensuring superior durability. Their subtle texture provides traction to minimise the effects of a slippery surface. Comffit Foam Rollers come in an attractive, rich blue colour.

Back Brace     Comffit COOLKNIT Premium Sacro Cinch Back Brace     $73.00

One of the most commonly prescribed braces by physiotherapists to treat patients with serious lower back pain. They are designed to offer optimal support to the lower back and reduce stress on the joints and muscles of the spine during everyday activity. This ensures patients can remain as active as possible, whilst minimising the likelihood of injury aggravation and speeding recovery.

Knee Brace Thermoskin Hinged Knee

Thermoskin Hinged Knee Brace     $88.00

A premier hinged knee brace providing superior support and comfort. Commonly recommended by physiotherapists and other health professionals, it is particularly beneficial for patients with the following conditions: Medial and Lateral Collateral Ligament injuries, ACL and PCL injuries, Medial and Lateral Meniscal Tears.

Sacroiliac Belt     Pro-Tec Sacroiliac Belt      $48.00

An excellent pelvic support for treatment and relief of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Osteitis Pubis and strain to the lower back.

Resistance BandResistance Band     from $17.50

We stock an extensive range of resistance band and tubing from the popular Theraband and PhysiPod brands in various colours and lengths. Ideal for rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

Lumbar Roll     Sportstek ‘D’ Lumbar Roll with Strap     $29.50

Ensure you maintain the optimal spinal position for your lower back whilst sitting with this lumbar support – a must for patients who suffer from lower back pain (particularly whilst sitting). The strap feature ensures the lumbar support remains in the correct position as it hugs the chair or seat. Lightweight, portable, easy to use, the ‘D’ shaped lumbar support is ideal for the prevention and management of lower back pain – whether in the car, office or at home.

Ankle Brace     Swede-O Lace Up Ankle Brace      $59.00

One of the most popular ankle braces for sport or general use. The Swede-O Ankle Brace provides excellent support and comfort to the ankle and is particularly beneficial for patients following an ankle sprain or ankle surgery, in preventing an ankle injury during sport or activity, or, for patients suffering from chronic ankle pain.

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