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PhysioAdvisor’s back and neck care products have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to provide maximum benefit to patients suffering from back or neck pain. Our range of back and neck care products include lumbar supports, back braces, therapeutic pillows, posture supports and self help books to assist patients with injury management, recovery and prevention.

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Back Brace  Back Braces   $73.00  

 Designed to offer optimal support to the back and reduce stress on the spine.

Posture Support             Posture Supports   $55.00

Light-weight support designed for patients who have poor posture or ’rounded shoulders’.

Heat Wheat Neck Warmer   Heat Packs & Ice Packs

Specifically designed for the treatment of neck pain and back pain.

BakBalls   BakBalls   $39.95

A unique device designed for self-treatment of back pain and to aid spinal mobilisation.

Wedge Seat Cushion   Wedge Seat Cushions   $48.45

Maintain the natural curve of your spine and relieve pressure on the lower back whilst sitting.