McKenzie Cervical Roll

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Recommended by our experienced Physiotherapists, the McKenzie Cervical Roll is designed to maintain your neck’s natural curve whilst sleeping.

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McKenzie Cervical Roll

The McKenzie Cervical Roll provides comfort and support to the cervical spine helping to maintain the natural curve of the neck whilst one sleeps on their side or back. If you suffer from frequent episodes of neck pain, referred pain into the shoulders, headaches, night time neck problems or morning pain or stiffness, your sleeping position may be at fault. Improving the postural alignment of the cervical spine can help minimise neck pain or stiffness and reduce the likelihood of injury aggravation.

Placed between a pillow and the pillowcase, the cervical roll is designed to work with most conventional pillows. Affordably priced and portable, the McKenzie Cervical Roll is a comfortable solution for improved postural alignment whilst sleeping and a better night’s sleep.


  • Made of low density foam with a removable and washable cotton/polyester cover.
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2″ in diameter x 20″ long.