Dr MED Thumb Splint (W1323)

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Physiotherapist recommended Thumb Splints, designed for maximum support and immobilisation of an injured thumb.


Thumb Splints

PhysioAdvisor’s thumb splints have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to ensure excellent quality and maximal benefit for patients. PhysioAdvisor choses to sell Dr MED Thumb Splints due to their superior quality, performance and value.

Dr MED Thumb Splint

Dr Med Thumb Splint

The Dr MED Thumb Splint is one of the most commonly recommended by physiotherapists. This quality thumb brace can be used for both left or right hands and is designed to provide maximal support and immobilisation to the joints and muscles of the thumb, therefore reducing stress on the thumb during general activity. The Dr Med Thumb Splint can hasten healing and recovery from thumb injuries by preventing further tissue damage during activity.

It is particularly useful for patients who suffer from thumb pain due to conditions such as a Sprained Thumb, De Quervains Tenosynovitis or degenerative changes to the thumb joints such as thumb arthritis.


The Dr MED Thumb Splint with dorsal stay, features:

  • Removable thumb aluminium splint for restricting movement, preventing rotation and maximum support on thumb joints.
  • Alpharium laminated coating material makes the support cool and comfortable to wear.
  • A pull-on style velcro strap for additional immobilisation and stabilisation inside the support.
  • Designed for easy fit and applicable for both hands.
  • A unique ribbon strap underneath the wrap assists in application by locking the support in place.

Dr Med Thumb Splint (Unwrapped)        Dr Med Thumb Splint (Adjustment)    Dr Med Thumb Splint (Palm View)

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