Comffit Lupin Heat Packs


Quality, physiotherapist recommended microwaveable heat packs. Ideal for the treatment of many soft tissue injuries and for pain relief.

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Comffit Lupin Heat Packs

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Heat Packs are a fantastic rehabilitation tool commonly used to optimise physiotherapy management of many injuries. By warming tissue, heat packs help to relax muscles, improve blood flow, speed healing and reduce pain naturally without the use of drugs (amongst numerous other benefits).

PhysioAdvisor chooses to sell Comffit Lupin Heat Packs as they are a commonly sold physiotherapy brand and represent a new heat pack innovation with improved features compared with traditional wheat packs. Some of these improved features include longer lasting heat (i.e. improved heat retention) and less odour.

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Effective, Natural, Drug-Free Pain Management

Heat Packs (Comffit Lupin)

  • Washable outer bag with unique microwave-safe zip
  • Ideal size (35 x 15cm) suitable to wrap around all body parts
  • Can be used for cold therapy – simply place in the freezer to use as a cold pack
  • Black corduroy bag
  • Ideal for in-store retail sales

Warmer, Longer lasting heat

With improvements on the traditional wheat pack…

The Comffit Lupin Heat Pack is a new product that has only recently come to market and features some major improvements over the traditional, standard heat ‘wheat’ pack. These include a new lupin filling that minimises odour and increases heat retention, as well as a microwave safe zip and the ability to wash the outer bag. Each heat pack comes in a great looking retail carry bag and contains care instructions.The pack also has the ability to sit upright on your display shelf

Comffit Lupin Heat Pack on Stomach

Lupin Heat Pack Circles

Lupins vs. Traditional Wheat

Compared with traditional wheat, these lupins:

  • Are 30% lighter
  • Retain heat longer
  • Have a greater lifespan
  • Have less odour
  • Have a lower allergy rating
  • Are 100% Australian grown
  • Are a type of bean (or legume seed) originating from a plant of the pea family (genus lupinus)

Comffit Lupin Heat Pack Flat Comffit Lupin Heat Pack Packaging

Great retail packaging

  • Self-standing
  • Ideal for clinics

Heat Pack Benefits

Some of the key benefits of the use of heat packs for injury treatment include:

  • An increase in local blood flow (due to blood vessels dilation)
  • Increased transportation of nutrients, oxygen and cells (responsible for tissue repair) to local tissue
  • Reduced muscle tightness
  • Improved soft tissue elasticity
  • Reduced muscle spasm
  • Pain reduction
  • Faster healing following injury

To learn key tips on when and how to use an ice pack or heat pack, view our ice or heat article.