Heat Wheat Neck Warmer


One size fits all. This hot pack fits snugly around the neck and top of the shoulders providing comfortable pain relief.


Heat Wheat Neck Warmer

One size fits all. This heat pack fits snugly and comfortably around the neck up to the hair line providing pain relief for the treatment of neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and upper back pain. The grain is concentrated to the back and sides of the neck by sewn segments. The Heat Wheat Neck Warmer is a high quality heat pack that can be worn while moving about, reading, relaxing or when traveling.

Dimensions: 720mm x 170mm. Weight: 1.1kg.

The Heat Wheat Neck Warmer is ideal for heat treatment and has numerous health benefits including:

  • Increased local blood flow
  • Increased local transport of oxygen and nutrients to tissue
  • Reduced muscle tightness
  • Reduced muscle spasm
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stress
  • Faster healing following injury

For information on when and how to use an ice or heat pack click here.

(N.B. Product colour may vary depending on availability)

Heat Wheat Neck Warmer

Heat Wheat Products

Heat Wheat products are used worldwide by people seeking natural, drug free pain management for muscular aches, spasm and injuries. They are a cold and heat pack that can be placed in the microwave or freezer to generate moist heat therapy or cold therapy to effectively and naturally manage any aches and pains that you suffer from.

  • Heat pack ready in minutes from your microwave oven.
  • No-mess cold packs straight from the freezer.
  • Comfortably moulds to the shape of the body.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • For all the family.
  • Made from only top quality materials.
  • Manufactured to strict quality Australian standards.

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