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PhysioAdvisor’s rehabilitation products have been carefully selected by experienced physiotherapists to ensure product quality and maximum benefit for patients.

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  • For fitness products commonly used in rehabilitation see PhysioAdvisor’s Fitness Supplies.

Foam Rollers  Foam Rollers  From $29.50   An excellent rehabilitation tool used for self massage, Pilates and flexibility exercises.

Sports Tape & Accessories  Sports Tape & Accessories   Rigid Sports Tape, Strapping Tape and Taping Accessories such as Bandage Scissors and Protective Films.

Compression Bandages  Compression Bandages  From $29.25   Tubigrip compression bandages across a range of sizes.

Heat Packs & Ice Packs  Heat Packs & Ice Packs   View our complete range of Heat Packs and Ice Packs.

Cam Boots           Cam Boots   $75.00   Ideal for the treatment of stable ankle fractures or severe sprains, requiring immobilisation and reduced weight bearing.

Hand Therapy   Hand Therapy   View our range of hand rehabilitation products.

Heel Wedges   Heel Wedges   $39.95   Popular red heel wedges, excellent for the treatment of Ankle Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis and Calf Strains.

Crutches & Walking Aids         Crutches & Walking Aids    Forearm Crutches, Axilla Crutches, Walking Sticks and other Walking Aids.

Night Splints   Night Splints   $77.00   Help alleviate the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis while you sleep.

Wobble Boards

  Wobble Boards   $65.00   An essential rehabilitation tool following ankle sprains and for balance retraining.

Actimove Arm Sling


      Arm Slings   $45.40   Adjustable arm slings for optimal comfort and support of the injured upper limb.

Verity Replacement Electrodes

  Replacement Electrodes   $18.85   High quality cloth backed electrodes suitable for 99% of TENS

machines on the market 5cm x 5cm.

   Spikey massage ball   Comffit Spikey Massage Ball 10cm (Blue)  $25.50   An effective and inexpensive self massage tool.

medipak hot and cold pack    Medipak Hot and Cold Pack (15 x 22cm)   $15.00   Reuseable Hot and Cold Pack. Microwaveable and Freezeable. For effective hot or cold treatment. Essential for faster injury recovery.

Comffit Ice Bg   Comffit Ice Bag   $45.00   Ease-to-use and practical ice treatment for soft tissue injuries. Perfect for sprains, strains and chronic overuse injuries, such as tendonitis.

Heat Wheat Handy Pack   Heat Wheat Handy Pack   $48.50   Our most popular Heat Pack. Ideal for heat treatment of neck pain, back pain, muscle soreness. Microwaveable.

Comffit TENS  Comffit TENS Machine   $124.00   Relief for sufferers of chronic pain. A reliable TENS Machine with strong treatment capabilities.

NeuroTrac 3 TENS Unit  NeuroTrac 3 TENS Unit   $124.00   An advanced and modern TENS unit providing effective pain reflief. As seen on “A Current Affair”.

Pro-Tec Shin Splints Compression Wrap  Pro-Tec Shin Splints Compression Wrap   $44.95   Provides support to the lower leg, alleviating the soreness associated with shin splints.

Donovan Shoulder Exercise Pulley  Donovan Shoulder Exercise Pulley   $29.95   Rehabilitate your shoulder and improve range of movement.