Fixomull Stretch 5cm x 10m


Low irritant 5cm tape for sensitive skin.


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Fixomull Tape (5cm x 10m)

Used by physiotherapists and patients alike, Fixomull Stretch (i.e. Fixomull Tape) is a high quality low irritant tape which is commonly used for patients with sensitive skin. Although it provides a small amount of protective support, it’s primary role is as a protective barrier and is used as an ‘underlay’ before placing supportive tape (i.e. rigid strapping tape) on top.

Fixomull Stretch is permeable to moisture and air, reducing the risk of maceration (i.e. skin damage due to prolonged moisture exposure). It is also radiotransparent, so it does not need to be removed for either radiotherapy or X-ray examinations. Fixomull Stretch can be cut to the required size, which means it can be tailored to protect the desired skin region, whilst eliminating unnecessary waste.


  • Can be cut to the required size for many uses
  • Saves material, no unnecessary wastage
  • Skin-friendly and safe
  • The hypo-allergenic polyacrylate adhesive adheres reliably
  • The soft backing material of non-woven polyester conforms to body contours
  • Air and moisture-permeable
  • Radio-transparent (does not need to be removed for radiotherapy or X-Ray examination)
  • Ideal hypoallergenic tape for use under rigid strapping tape

Fixomull Tape 5cm x 10m