Sportstek Premium Strapping Tape 38mm


High quality 38mm rigid sports tape for protective taping and strapping. Commonly used by physiotherapists.



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Rigid Sports Tape

Used by Physiotherapists and patients alike, Sportstek Rigid Sports Tape is a high quality rigid tape used to support muscles and joints particularly following injury. Its primary benefits include:

  • Increased joint support
  • Reduced stress on the taped body region
  • Reduced pain during activity
  • Enhanced rehabilitation following injury
  • Allowing an early but safe return to sport or activity
  • Improved joint position awareness (proprioception)

Common uses:

  • Ankle strapping – Following a rolled ankle
  • Knee strapping – To correct knee alignment or reduce stress on the knee
  • Lower back taping – To support the spine and keep the back straight
  • Postural taping – To support the upper back and reduce stress on the upper back and neck
  • Shoulder taping – To support the shoulder particularly following a shoulder dislocation

Rigid Sports Tape 38mm (Victor)                       Rigid Sports Tape 38mm (Victor)

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Single Roll, Drum of 8 Rolls, Box of 30 Rolls