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Throwing Injuries






In this month’s newsletter we take a look at throwing injuries which occur in sports such as cricket, baseball, softball, water polo, javelin and American football (quarterbacks). These throwing athletes often experience pain in the shoulder or elbow with some of the most common injuries including:

Injury Prevention for Throwing Athletes

Warming Up the Shoulder for Throwing

Resistance Band Exercises








One of the best ways to prevent throwing related shoulder injuries is with an effective warm up before sport. Resistance band exercises, involving the upper limb, helps activate the important stabilizing muscles, such as the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers.

View our Upper Limb Resistance Band Exercises.

Upper Back Flexibility

Upper Back Flexibility Exercises




Ensuring adequate upper back (thoracic) flexibility (particularly extension and rotation) is extremely important for throwing athletes. Not only does this help with injury prevention to the shoulder, it also assists in enhanced throwing performance.

View our Upper Back Flexibility Exercises.

Gluteal Strength

Gluteal Exercises






In land based throwing sports, a stable pelvis and trunk is essential to minimize stress on the shoulder and medial elbow, and, to improve throwing performance. Strong gluteal muscles are a key component for athletic performance in throwers.

View our Gluteal Strengthening Exercises.

Resistance Band

Resistance Band






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