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  • We save our members an estimated average of 4.86 physiotherapy or other health practitioner consultations per person per year (and in some cases 25 or more consultations) a potential saving of up to $2000 per year.

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  • Gain instant, full access to our growing number of Members Only articles with all content written by qualified and experienced physiotherapists.
  • Save money on Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy or other health professional treatment by accessing in-depth injury rehabilitation and management information, learning tips on how to get your injury better, faster (see example – LCL Tear of the Knee (Members Only)).
  • A recent survey demonstrated that we save our members an estimated average of 4.86 physiotherapy or other health practitioner consultations (such as chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathy, myotherapy, acupuncture or exercise physiology) per person per year (and in some cases 25 or more consultations) a potential saving of up to $2000 per year.
  • Save money on personal trainer and gym memberships by gaining access to our comprehensive exercise database.
  • Gain access to thousands of hours of content created by our experienced physiotherapists for the cost of less than 20 minutes of face to face time with a physiotherapist.
  • PhysioAdvisor’s Members Only Section has the combined knowledge of a team of experienced physiotherapists and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • PhysioAdvisor is endorsed by Spine and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr John Choi.
  • Inexpensive and easy to use (memberships from as little as $1 / week). In Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy practices, you are charged for every visit with a single visit typically costing $80 – $120 AUD and an average injury taking approximately 5 visits for a full recovery (or in more severe or chronic cases 20 plus visits).
  • A great gift idea for friends and family.
  • A great resource for health professionals, students and those in rural areas (with limited physiotherapy access or high transportation costs).
  • Our qualified and experienced Physiotherapists have created ‘Members Only’ content with the goal of providing you with the required tools to take control of your injury, get your injury better, faster and achieve your health and fitness goals. Learn how we create trusted content.

Membership Benefits

Summary of Members Only Content

By becoming a PhysioAdvisor member, you will gain access to our exclusive Members Only sections including:

  • Our Complete Diagnostic Guide Database –  Members will gain access to our detailed diagnostic guides. These have been created by our experienced physiotherapists with the goal of helping you to determine what may be causing your pain. Diagnostic guides are available for each region of the body.
  • Our Complete Exercise Database – Including more advanced exercises & over 100% more exercises than non members. That’s over 250 additional exercises allowing you to achieve your health, fitness or injury rehabilitation goals.
  • Our Complete Heath Database – Members will gain access to comprehensive and complete articles comprising detailed information on some of the most commonly asked questions in clinical practice. Articles include: Bike Setup, Choosing a Bag, Choosing a Shoe, Do I Need Orthotics?, Ergonomic Computer Setup, How to Use Crutches, Ice or Heat?, Mobile Phone Ergonomics, Posture, Return to Running, R.I.C.E, Safe Lifting, Warm Up & Cool Down, Taping Techniques (Including techniques for Ankle, Back, Elbow, Finger, Foot, Knee, Patella, Patella Tendon, Posture, Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Thumb & Wrist).
  • Our Complete Injury Database – Our experienced physiotherapists are updating PhysioAdvisor’s injury articles to include the most important information to help users take control of their injury and hasten their recovery. Updated sections include detailed information on: Treatment, Intermediate & Advanced Rehabilitation Exercises and a step by step Rehabilitation Protocol for each updated injury article ensuring you have the tools to take control of your injury and save money on expensive Physiotherapy consultations. View an example of our updated ‘Members Only’ injury database: LCL Tear of the Knee (Members Only).
  • Exclusive Members Only Discounts in the PhysioAdvisor Shop.

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Updated Injury Articles

PhysioAdvisor’s database of updated injury articles (with content exclusive to members) includes the most common injuries seen in clinical practise. To date, the vast majority of PhysioAdvisor’s injury articles have been updated.

Injury Anatomy

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