Hotteeze Self Adhesive Heat Pads (Packet 10 Pads)


Stick on heat pads, great for relief of muscular aches and pains.


Hotteeze Heat Pads

Hotteeze Stick On Heat Pads are great for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains, period pain, or anytime you feel the cold. Unlike a wheat bag, or hot water bottle, which are bulky and visible, Hotteeze Heat Pads are discreet, portable and last a lot longer.

How do I use them?

Adhesive heat pads are designed to be positioned on the outside of under garments where heat is required. Typical applications might be to your lower back or abdomen. The gentle adhesive will help keep them in position. For the most direct heat transfer, ensure that the clothing the heat pad is attached to is resting against the skin and not hanging loosely. To keep your hands warm, leave the adhesive cover in place and slip one into your pockets.


Unlike gels or thermal clothing solutions, these heat pads produce and contribute real heat to a specific part of your body, just where you need it. A low temperature burn is usually marked by red spots and/or blisters and can be caused by anything that you use for long that is warmer than your body temperature. Heat pads can also generate such low temperature heat burns if not regularly monitored, so follow the instructions below carefully. Just open a packet, peel off backing and stick on clothes (NEVER directly on skin). In ten minutes you’ll be toasty warm! Soothing heat for hours and hours!

How does Hotteeze Work?

Each Hotteeze pack contains iron powder and once opened, the iron ingredient oxidizes with the air creating heat, making Hotteeze the ultimate in comforting warmth. This simple reaction involves no electrical sources, batteries, burning, flames or toxic chemicals. The ingredients are completely natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe. Unlike capsicum based products like the ABC plaster, Hotteeze Heat Pads won’t cause allergic reactions and last a lot longer.

  • Lasts 12 hours
  • Self-adhesive
  • Ultra light
  • Odourless

Many forms of arthritis benefit from warmth. You will know if you benefit as if you do you will probably be on intimate terms with your hot water bottle or electric heat pad. If this is the case there are several ways you can use Hotteeze heat pads:

  • Shoulders: Position the heat pad against the area to be warmed. Hotteeze is perfect over shoulder blades. Ensure you wear a warm jumper or a scarf over it so that the heat does not escape.
  • Necks: Try a Polo neck shirt. Open out the neck at the top and place the heat pad in the correct position. Fold down the polo neck to cover the pad. This will stop too much of the heat escaping. If necessary, add a scarf to insulate it further. The adhesive backing will keep the pad in place.
  • Knee, elbow and wrist joints: Any reusable fabric first aid bandage provides an ideal fixing for Hotteeze against joints requiring warmth. It also helps reduce heat loss. Bandaged correctly, one or two pads will stay in place, even if you are on the move.
  • Back care and sciatica: Alleviation of discomfort caused by back pain or sciatica is by far the greatest health related use that is made of Hotteeze Heat Pads. The big benefit is that users suddenly become mobile, no longer trapped by the bulkiness of hot water bottles or electric heat pads. Providing day long output they are ideal if you need to work, socialise or just get out into the garden. The key is that the Heat Pads are not medical devices and provide no chemical impact on your body. They just offer natural, gentle warmth.

hotteeze heat pad placement



Open the packet and peel off the backing. Without creasing it, stick the Hotteeze Heat Pad on your clothes. Remove gently after use.


  1. DO NOT PUT HOTTEEZE HEAT PADS DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR SKIN. See the ‘Questions’ for reasons why not. Hotteeze are only to be worn over your clothes. For best results, we recommend using Hotteeze with tight cotton underclothing.
  2. Remove Hotteeze Heat Pads straight away if they become too hot.
  3. Light burns can occur when heated objects hotter than your body temperature are used for an extended period of time. People with sensitive skin, diabetes or poor blood circulation should take extra care using Hotteeze to avoid light burns.
  4. Do not use Hotteeze Heat Pads in bed, near a heater, or whilst exercising.
  5. Do not use Hotteeze Heat Pads on babies, or on people who are incapable of removing them themselves.
  6. Discontinue use immediately if your skin gets red, itchy or painful.
  7. Remove Hotteeze Heat Pads when they have finished working.
  8. Place in unburnable rubbish after use.
  9. Do not shake or rub Hotteeze.
  10. Do not put Hotteeze Heat Pads in your mouth. If swallowed, rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice.
  11. In case Hotteeze comes into contact with your eyes, do not scratch. Wash with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice.
  12. Keep Hotteeze Heat Pads in a cool place, avoiding sunlight.
  13. Keep Hotteeze Heat Pads out of reach of children.

Ingredients: Iron, water, pearl rock, vermiculite, activated carbon salt.


Highest temperature: 63°C Average temperature: 53°C Duration: 12 hours above 40°C. The highest shown temperature and duration are based on Japanese Factory Standards. There may be some differences between individuals.


Q. How does a Hotteeze work?

A. Each Hotteeze heat pad contains iron powder, water, vermiculite, carbon and salt. When you open a Hotteeze, the iron oxidizes with the air, creating heat. If you accidentally open it up, quickly seal it in a plastic bag to stop the oxidization process.

Q. Why can’t I wear it directly on my skin?

A. You might burn yourself. Hotteeze will feel cozy at first, but after a while it will heat right up without you noticing and might feel too hot. You will probably start to sweat too, in which case the pad will slip off and you won’t get your 12 hours of guaranteed heat.

Q. Why shouldn’t I wear it to bed?

A. If you fall asleep wearing a Hotteeze, you cannot properly monitor your comfort level. The heat might sneak up on you and cause a burn.

Q. Are they bad for the environment?

A. Hotteeze contain natural ingredients which are biodegradable, so when they’re done, you can throw them away guilt-free. Because they contain salt, we don’t suggest you put them in the compost or empty them into a pot plant – just throw them away in the rubbish bin.

Q. Where do they come from?

A. Hotteeze were invented by the Japanese and are manufactured in Japan. Your Japanese friends will know them as KAIRO. They are very popular and are recommended for various remedies. For example, if you catch a cold, a Japanese person will recommend that you stick a Hotteeze over your abdomen to help you recover more quickly.

Q. What if I’m pregnant?

A. Whatever you do, do not put a Hotteeze near your abdomen, and check with your doctor before using it on any other part of your body.

Q. What if Hotteeze gets wet?

A. If you get a Hotteeze wet, you can kiss it goodbye! The water will stop the oxidization process.

Q. What if my pet eats it?

A. If swallowed, rinse the mouth with water and seek medical advice.

hotteeze Heat Pads

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